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Making the world a better place by changing people’s lives.

GAIA Gives provides leadership training, resources and support to individuals and NGOs - the silent heroes -
who follow their own purpose in the pursuit of improving lives. We help people, especially those who help other people and those who save the planet. We do our part by contributing our expertise: developing leaders.


Because We Care About People,
Planet And Purpose

We give back and pay it forward.

GAIA Gives was established to expand the potential of leaders who are quietly changing the world,
who need and deserve further leadership development but who may not have access to it.
By impacting those who impact others, we are creating a ripple effect where it is needed most.


Our Why


We Shape Next Generation Leaders

Leadership development specifically designed
for the non-profit sector.

We offer leadership development initiatives to NGOs, charity organizations, grassroots movements and local communities who may lack commercial funding or easy access to professional training programs.
We connect amazing (future) leaders with knowledgeable experts to support them.
These leaders have the courage to step up, we have the courage to believe and invest in them.


What we do


By Passing On What We Know

We take silent heroes under our wings
so they can lead their tribe.

GAIA Gives offers tailored expert interventions and virtual sessions on select leadership topics
that are open and accessible to a global audience, either free of charge or delivered at cost.
We care. We act. We impact.


How we work


A Collective Of Like-Minded Souls United By A Common Purpose

Everyone Deserves The Opportunity To Shine.

GAIA Gives is powered by GAIA Insights, a global boutique firm specialized in transforming leaders from within.
We are a community that people can join to support diverse leaders of all backgrounds who lend their passion to education, environmental protection and next generation development.


Who we support


We See Potential Everywhere

Human connection transcends borders.

Planet Earth needs help. We can no longer just stand by and watch others "do something".
Instead, we're joining forces. We celebrate leaders who push themselves and others to make a difference every day.
We honor and applaud their efforts. We teach them skills to become even better in service of a cause.
Together we are changing lives.


Where we work